By Dawood Zubair

Ways to Boost Ranking in Local Results

If Google cannot find you easily in a search, you are missing on a fair number of visitors with a potential to turn into your customers. Just optimising your website and hoping for the best results is not something to rely on. Say you are ranking on the third-page results, no one is visiting you. And chances are the first results of the Google search are receiving tons of traffic. As you proceed further, with each ranking, numbers drop significantly.

The ideal place to be in the Google rankings is the first position on the first page. However, you should at least be on the first page. And for this, you have to get the leading ranks. Local business owners believe that they may never be able to get the top ranks. Furthermore, it is imagined that ranking on the first page requires a huge social media following and millions of customers.

Now, this is not true! Using the right Local SEO strategies, you can easily attain a top rank in Google search results. Though this would not happen in a day or two, you don’t have to wait for years!

Read on further to know what professional SEO experts do in order to bring a website in the initial search results of users.

Unlock your success with the right keywords: There is a good possibility of most of the traffic on your page coming out of the specific kinds of keywords or phrases. Here, the focus is being made on the local or the niche specific, unique keywords and not the old generalised ones.

If you can catch hold of the keywords of your competitor in the top ranks, you would not be far behind. A sneak-peek on the top paid keywords used by your competitors is something your SEO expert would find in order to fine-tune your page ranking. Moreover, using the keyword ideas in the keyword planner can help you with keywords that your competitors haven’t thought of.

Google local pack: Featuring in the Google local pack is another effective strategy that is going to place you over the rest. Google local pack refers to the block popping up in the map featuring the top Google search results. You may again imagine this as a tough nut to crack. However, setting up your Google My Business account, things can be done in a simple way.

And using a mobile specific responsive design, with mobile SEO and mobile-specific keywords is again going to bring about wonders.

You can learn more about effective ways to boost your ranking in the local results by reaching out to the expert team at Peja Design. Believe it or not, your local business website can feature in the top results!