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Website Design

PEJA Design’s exclusive web development concept is more than just delivering an-eye catching website. At the core of our web development service is the implementation of such UI/UX design that successfully converts your prospects into customers, and boosting your business ROI online. We create highly functional, visually smart and modern websites that let our clients stand out as a leader in their respective markets. From design to content to social media integration to SEO, our web development service portfolio is vast enough to serve all your needs under one roof.

Customization at its Peak

PEJA Design exploits a flexible and versatile team approach, incorporating certified and experienced web developers/programmers, and SEO experts for successfully meeting each client’s unique web development requirements.

Our team works hand in hand with our clients to understand the nature of their business, target niches and expectations for digital marketing. Accordingly, our experts develop custom web designs with strategic insights for generating greater brand engagement, more conversions, and measurable outcomes. From B2B to B2C projects, PEJA Design specializes in engineering the responsive and tailored web designs.

Once our client’s target audience, strategic business analysis, and value differentiation are determined, the project is put under UX phase, where our team seamlessly develops web layout, features, user path flows, functionalities and specification documents. This blueprint is communicated to clients for timely amendments and completion of the project within a deadline.

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The Magic Tools

Our team develops a rock-solid coding for gaining higher website’s stability, accessibility and fast loading speed. The features of our user-centered web development services include:

  • Scalable & mobile responsive web layouts development
  • Integration of Content Management System (CMS)
  • Configuration of Admin Dashboard for ensuring system control
  • Development of informational sections or pages
  • Migration & implementation of site’s content
  • Scalable & mobile responsive web layouts development

PEJA Design Follows Industry Best Practices & Quality Standards

Our clients enjoy a peaceful process of web development, based on full testing and quality standards. All the websites developed by PEJA Design are meticulously tested to fix bugs and troublesome content. After successful testing, the new website is released on a live environment. Moreover, security measures are also put into place and website is tested for optimal SEO performance. During the early launch phase, our team monitors user behavior on the site to analyze how to improve its performance as well as conversion rates, time-on-site & repeat visits.

We do:

  • Testing of web functionality in various browsers and mobile devices
  • Configuration of hosting environment
  • The Website Launch

The Outcomes We Promise

Unlike other similar service providers, PEJA Design believes more in action than words, and that is the reason, our innovative web development solutions have always proven to be result-oriented.

We promise to:

  • Increase website conversion rate by 25% minimum
  • Generate more leads and traffic
  • Integrating social media and website analytics
  • Functional websites that also act as marketing machines
  • Achieve first page SEO results within 36 months

With PEJA Design, let your website backed by an exceptional user experience and strong content to increase your site SEO, ensure strong and productive connection with your customers and prospects, boost traffic and strengthen your business online presence.

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